Wednesday 1 March 2023

I thought...

I thought I was angry, a stroppy red head,
But I'd had so much trauma, I often wished I was dead.
No-one seemed to notice, no one seemed to care,
They couldn't see past the surface on what really was there.
I'd been scarred as a toddler, scared as a kid,
Abused as a teen, not fully realising what he did.
I thought it was normal, thought it was fine,
Didn't know that my childhood really wasn't mine.

I thought I was grown up, I thought I was cool,
But all along I was played like a fool.
Yet everything was hushed up, "Don't mention it again",
Until in the end my soul was crying with pain.
So the anger exploded, the fears came to light,
But I was just judged, "She really isn't right".
Of course I wasn't, these traumas lay inside,
Haunting me daily, opening my fears extra wide.

I thought I could tell them, let my truth start to be seen,
But no one wanted to hear that perfect they'd not been,
"Forget about it all, just focus on your now",
Although my mind didn't seem to understand how.
And still no one listened, still no one cared,
"Just don't be so sensitive, be glad you were spared".
But, how can you be normal when you're dying inside?
Too scared to live, just wanting to hide.

I thought I was crazy, I kept reliving the pain,
I must have been guilty, felt I was insane,
Never once mentioned by those that had known,
Memories haunting me, I felt so alone.
I didn't want to be me, yet to scared to tell,
That every day I felt I was living in hell.
So I blocked up the pain, pushed it all down,
Until one day it burst and I felt like I'd drown.

I thought I'd address it, I thought I'd be brave
But it also felt like I was digging my grave.
I wasn't the bad one, it wasn't my fault,
But my life as I knew it, had come to a halt.
So the pain just erupted, there for all to see,
Finally, someone was listening to me!
Releasing the trauma, releasing the fears,
Connecting the dots, and a lifetime of tears.

I thought the old me is going, a new life begun,
I often wish it'd been sooner, so it could all be redone.
To look back with fondness, rather than wish it away,
To love every moment, to live for the day.
I realised I was powerful, realised I was true,
Happy with what I have, appreciating what I knew.
Finally knowing what it means to be free,
And for the first time ever, I finally could be me!

I thought I had got there, thought I finally knew Jo,
I wish she would stay though, the negative of me go.
Yet the darkness keeps returning, I have to again turn on the light,
Once again I'm trying, as I want to look back knowing I did alright.
Know that I healed my soul, that I healed my pain,
And never, ever would it happen again.
But for now I keep trying, knowing my goal,
That every part of me finally feels that I'm whole. 


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