Monday, 24 September 2018

Changing Email - I can't cope or decide

My husband is changing my email address, as we have realised it is far cheaper to use another internet service provider, telephone package etc. I will say when he signed up to change ISP he thought I could keep my email address... but he now thinks that we have to pay to keep it.πŸ™„

So I am going to need to get a new email using my website address... (and possibly use another computer just to add to my confusion -as my laptop is getting a bit old) but it feels I have SO many people to contact, contact groups to set up, businesses I use, shopping sites, affiliate links, book promotion contacts and emails, health ombudsman etc, plus all the important contacts like Dr's who I need to notify... 
I started trying to change them today, going through my new emails and many of them you cannot easily change email. Some you can change every other piece of contact information, but have to email them individually to change the email addressπŸ˜•

Some I have forgotten the password for (and as I need to log on to change things, I will need to do this while the old email is still active or I cannot receive the email password reminder)

Some my kids are already using with my 'new' address so we cannot have two accounts on the same email.... (as I had the new email set up a while back - before I got ill - and so when they needed an individual email as I wasn't using it, I let them use this email instead ...) So I need to change theirs or get yet another email name from my website... πŸ˜’

 ...and I want to scream.... 

My brain cannot cope with it. I don't understand if my email details are stored in outlook or BT, and if they will still be here once the email address goes. I can't seem to 'get my head' around any of it. 

Just like anything I do that is different to my usual routine. I can update my website, but unless I have done it recently, I forget how to upload it every damn time - as there are a certain number of actions needing to be done and I never remember them all... the frustration is enormous. 

It got so bad earlier that I couldn't even work out how to save my email contacts in the contacts folder...
It's so annoying when you cannot explain yourself, don't understand what will go and what will stay, have forgotten most of my passwords making the job ten times harder, but have loads of info I really don't want to lose and yet need to remember what it is! 

I know my husband thinks it's as simple as me asking how to write an email and totally obvious- after all he does this sort of thing every day. I'm sure he thinks I am being stupid and hysterical...

But my brain definitely feels broken tonight 😭

And just as I was managing to get some things from our clear out finally on eBay (the having to take pictures, word things correctly and weigh items I have been procrastinating over for a few weeks since I had the house tidy and was knackered after..) and not have them sitting in our front room... now I  have been told I need to sort my email ASAP!!! 😭

So I'm going to bed now, as I just cannot think straight. Will have to look at it again tomorrow hopefully with a less fatigued brain... x


Turbulent skies and sea


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