Monday 21 August 2017

Weekend of Synchronicity

Just woken after a very busy weekend of synchronicity …

On Saturday Dave asked me to put something back in the car that was parked outside the pub he was playing at ...and walking past my car with her son was Elaine - who had the exact same brain tumour removed also at St Georges with same surgeon!

I met her on line on a brain tumour support group - baring in mind I have only seen 3 other people online who have ever had the same tumour as there are only approximately 40 a year of them in UK!! 
Knowing she was OK after surgery was a life saver to me before I had my op…

But to literally walk into your 'tumour sister' you had never met was amazing!💖

Then yesterday Dave and I went to Kent to see his old boss (also a Dave) who had just got married and was having a mini music festival in his pub garden! Dave got the job with him back in 1995  (when he was unemployed after Adam was born) as his boss wanted to learn guitar and so Dave taught him to play…

And yesterday his old boss sung many songs he had written during the bad times in his life (when we lost contact with him for the last 15 or so years after his first marriage broke down) ... To me it seemed like the music saved him - he could express his pain through writing music. 
So Dave being employed by him and teaching him guitar might just have saved his life too! 

Amazing Sunset in water

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