Sunday, 16 February 2020

Life Lessons from a Dog Walk

This weekend has been stormy and raining heavily, so when I took our dog to the park today there were puddles everywhere.

Enzo was loving it, and kept running around each small puddle and dropping his ball into the water. Laying down next to it and watching. Then after a few seconds he picks it back up again and drops it back in the water.

I know from past experience at the sea or river that he often drops his ball and waits for the waves to take it away and wash it back to him, or the river to start to carry it downstream. He catches the ball again as it moves about a foot or so away.

So I believe he is waiting for this to happen and expects his ball to start to float away when he drops it into a puddle.

He is watching it in exactly the same way, picking it up and dropping it over and over, just it never moves.

His collie intelligence tells him water = the ball being washed away, yet if doesn't tell him that puddles are different to the sea, rivers or streams. 🤔

It's mistaken logic. Our belief shaping our reality. 

How many times do we do the same?

Clearly not with a ball in a puddle, but with life. How we think reality should be. How we have been shown or experienced something once before so we think that's still real now. And so we repeat something over and over as it 'should' make sense or react in this way.

How often do continue thinking the ball will float, when if we just sat in reality and watched it, we will soon realise the ball doesn't float when the water isn't moving. Or it only moves in certain locations.

Instead we just focus on how we think it should be...
even if reality is not following expectation.

Even a simple experience such as walking the dog in the rain can be such a variety of experiences depending on our mood and thoughts.

Some days it's as much as I can do to drag myself round the park, I don't want to talk to anyone, have any other dogs near us to take his ball and anger me when I can't get it back. Other days I will laugh at the exact same experience of a dog stealing his ball and teasing him with it, trying to get him to play.

Some days I cry walking round there, feeling extremely sad, angry or anxious,

There are times I love the rain. Just Crying in the Rain & Releasing.

Other days it just feels like the rain will never stop. it's making me uncomfortable and wet. Longing for the sun. 

 Yet others I feel nothing but love and joy. The rain a blessing.

I've learnt to accept all the feelings, none are wrong or bad, they just are. 


Often if I just accept that moment and the tears or frustration with it, a lap of the park and a sit on my favourite tree branch helps me release my feelings and refocus. (See my previous blog post here)

Soaking in the knowledge I have felt much worse and things have got better again, have felt amazing joy, then struggled again after... yet the tree is still here.

Still grounded, knowing it will shoot leaves again soon and feel sun on its branches.

Not expecting anything else other than what is ...


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