Thursday, 27 August 2020

Sanity Amongst Madness

This it what has kept me going the past few months...
in my garden!

Watching Bee's...


...and the spiders eating them.

Appreciating the flowers...

and the sparrow's, and occasionally other birds, on our bird-feeder.


For a garden that, for decades, never had more than a passing pigeon or robin until only a few years ago; finding about 25 sparrows around the bird feeders is amazing. 

When the world outside our house has never been so insane,

 it's been calming to just sit and watch.


From the various bees, wasps, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, moths, grasshoppers & spiders to the fluffy fledglings being guided when it was safe to land (normally when our dog wasn't in the garden) and now seeing SO many more birds than ever before. Some even trusting me enough to continue feeding even when I am only a few metres away, one hungry pigeon still feeding whilst my son tipped the bird feeder towards him as he couldn't quite reach! 

Anyway... even while this year has been awful in SO many ways, masks everywhere being the final straw, this summer has been lovely in both weather (no planes!) and nature. 🌞


It has been my sanity amongst madness. 💜

© Pictures all copyrighted to Jo Barlow


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