Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Butterflies and Clouds

Last Monday I was still feeling stressed and upset, trying to decide what is best for me and how to move on. So at some point while I was walking round the park with dog I asked the universe out loud to send me some positive signs... Something with nature - so 'I know'.

Birds, butterflies etc, my thoughts that one of them might land on or sit next to me.

Just send something to soothe me that I wasn't in this alone 
and things would get better ... 

Then it poured with rain after so I never got outside for the rest of the day 💧⛈🌧. (English summers really are depressing on so many levels 😥)
But Tuesday was sunny, and I finally sat down in garden (after a trip back on bus from A&E with my daughter, Calla, who had twisted and sprained her ankle - thankfully not broken!) I was just lying on the swing chair ... Exhausted. Soaking in the, much needed, warmth from the sun. 🌞

And suddenly I saw this beautiful butterfly flying around me, then it stopped and rested on the skin of my leg before flying off again! 🦋 

Then as I continued to watch it fluttered back and sat on the fence right at the side of me, only a few feet from where I was laying. It sat perfectly still for about 5 mins, barely even moving it's wings. After this time I realised I needed to go and get my phone camera, and even though it took me a while to find the phone, the butterfly was still sitting there, yet as soon as I took a picture it flew away.

Now I know to some this is not an unusual occurrence, but we really don't get many different butterflies in our garden (just Small Whites, various brown Gatekeeper types or tiny winged butterflies) and we almost never see a Red Admiral. Maybe one or two a year, even if I have spent the summer basically living in the garden! In 19 years of living here, I have never had any butterfly actually land on me ...
Something told me: "It will be alright." 

Oh and just after I recalled that I had actually asked for this very thing to happen the day before 😊
I looked into the sky to see a cloud that looked as thought it was similar to hands making a love heart shape! (The cloud being the hands, the heart the space in between was blue sky)

I sat and just looked at it for a few seconds before I fully realised it was a cloud giving me a heart sign in the same way a person sends a heart sign...then laughed to myself saying:
"OK. I get the message." 

My attempt at taking a picture wasn't that great as I had sat smiling at it for too long before I thought "I need to keep this reminder" and so the clarity of the heart shaped cloud had very much started to disappear. But still the message was there for me ... that the universe has my back.💖


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