Saturday, 3 August 2019

Boundaries & Imperfections

In the midst of feeling stressed and struggling, I often find I am shown something simple, an everyday occurrence, and suddenly it makes sense of my emotions and gives me some kind of clarity on a situation.

This week I was walking my Collie round the local park on our daily walk. I had noticed that they had just painted the boundary line of the cricket pitch. (It's not used as a regular pitch, so often the boundary lines aren't there, and when they are they change them for whether it's an adult or child size pitch.) 

The pitch is also never normally circular as there is a building in the way leaving a short, curved boundary on one side.

However today the boundary line made me smile, it wasn't just curving or taking an area out of the normal circle. It was positively swerving around every obstacle and very crooked!

Here are the pictures, and my thoughts, from as I walked:

It reminded me that as imperfect and wobbly as I am, I just need to remember to let go of what I think is 'right', trust and enjoy the game.