Sunday, 20 January 2019

A poem of my ... 'Life'

For days, while I was feeling low, I kept seeing the numbers 111 on everything from raffle tickets to card points I had, as well as repeating numbers (such as 12.21) every time I looked at a digital clock, plus feathers right outside my door, as well as keeping seeing advertising for an angel event that was to be hosted on my birthday! πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

It suddenly reminded me of what I had felt and seen just before and after my surgery... so I reconnected with that again. Getting messages that made perfect sense from using my Angel cards, and just listening to my fears whilst asking for support. (Walking the dog when alone is great for this!)

I wrote this poem after a few days of this self care, self love and reminding myself of what really helps me, and reconnecting - to help get over the few weeks of struggling.

I hope it helps others get through their bad times too?  πŸ’œ


When you survived what should have killed you

When you found that there was more

The universe kept you safe

When all your emotions were raw

It only gave what you could handle

Fate often held your hand

At the times you hit rock bottom

And you felt on your last strand

Angels came and comforted you

Reminding you “We’re all one”

Then showing you of their presence

That you were very far from done

So for a while you felt so powerful

Despite the months of pain

The knowledge had changed you

And you didn’t feel the same

But life still continues

People drag you back

Things to do, bills to pay

Remind you of your lack

So depression starts to hover

Anxiety to appear

You feel you’re sinking in a pit

And that the end is near

But inside something sparks you

Flicks on a light inside

Reminds you that ‘You’re strong’ again

You’re still here for the ride

So day by day you start again

Do things that you can lust

Look after yourself, hope and pray

And suddenly you start to trust

Remind yourself on what your learnt

Today's another day

That life can give you up’s and down’s

And your lessons on the way

The Angels have your back

Love has captured your heart

No matter what your fears are

Things only happen if you start…


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