Thursday, 31 January 2019



Why is this world obsessed by beauty?

Why is this world fascinated with new?

We are we made to believe in perfect?

Why are our feelings distorted from true?

Why do people not care for others?

Look after what’s here and not start anew?

People are killing, people are dying

Wars forever, on what ‘the bad’ do

How do they manage to divide us?
Make them not human, say the untrue?

People are human and yet they’re the enemy

They are ‘a bad bunch’, it’s not just a few

So we bomb them, destroy them

Call them a Muslim, a terrorist or Jew

Say why they’re different, say they’re not like us

Block out our feelings and subdue

Elderly dying, no money to help them

Food banks for workers, just care for the few

The homeless have nothing, the kids with no dinners

Why don’t we stop this? It’s not taboo

We are paraded with fashion, like it all matters

Need new gadgets, a house with a view

The grass is always greener, your life will be better

Everything valued in what goods you accrue

And while we are lusting, wanting the latest

We’re distracted away from all the rich do

Tax evasion, controlling, tracking devices

But call them ‘smart’phones – do you have a clue?

Shares in arms, they make their money

Take others resources, kill the animals too

But people still but it, people still buy things

‘We are here to help’- if only they knew!

There’s no profit in caring, no profit in love

No control of the people and all that they do

Keep them sedated, fighting the irrelevant

Too poor to argue – we don’t need a coup

Divide and conquer, keep them distracted

Trump, Putin or Brexit – it all makes me spew

We need to wake up, we’re destroying the planet

The animals living here, and ourselves too

We need to stop sleeping, awake from our slumber

Have heroes who matter, change things and imbue

Ethical business, stop feeding the greedy

Not people who only make money from you

You don’t need an iPhone to be someone special

Fake nails, fake hair fake tits – just be YOU!

There’s no money in natural, no profit in reality

Stop feeding the greedy, it’s long overdue… 



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