Thursday, 7 February 2019

A poem to my surgeon and the nurses...

I wrote this last May, on my second cranioversary (my craniotomy anniversary!) but only just decided I will post it on my blog.

I never sent it to St George's, despite planning to after, as I felt it a bit odd and stalker like to do so! Maybe if you are a nurse or doctor you can let me know if it would be acceptable... but whatever, this is dedicated to you  💜 
...and especially to Mr Jones and all the nurses on Brodie Ward at St George's 💜😇💜

Thank you

I know it was your job
A daily task for you
But I don’t know if you truly realise
The thanks of all you do

My kids wouldn’t have a Mum
My husband not a wife
There would be an empty hole
If you didn’t save my life

As every day I know
That I wouldn’t still be here
Without your knowledge and your skill
And shed a silent, thankful, tear 


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