Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Health Ombudsman can't even review my case...

A few weeks ago I finally got a letter back from the Health Ombudsman in regard to my complaint to their official reply last year. (See here) It has only taken almost a year since I sent it to them on 5th February 2018!

I am honestly shocked, I feel this letter is more insulting than the last one, the system is a joke and the GP surgery are probably laughing. 

I have attached the reply here, partly as I want others to know what a farce the system is and hopefully that others will learn from this and write their letters differently. With every single concern listed as a seperate issue, & providing proof if possible! 

Although after a brain tumour it was as much as I could manage to write the basics of a letter at the times I had to write this, just giving the details I did was tough. Making sure it made basic sense took days as it was. I certainly wasn't up to pointing out each and every concern and matching it to what was written or said that contradicted something...

the Health Ombudsman is a system certainly not here to support the patient.


I have no words... 😡😭😡😭

Although I would like to point out that, conveniently, as it has taken the Ombudsman almost 2 years (since my first letter on 17th February 2017) to reply, and that I am now very close to the three year cut off point in which to claim damages to the GP Surgery. And so I cannot find a legal company to take my case on (simply as they won't get all the medical details back in time, let alone get a case together)... yet why would I use a legal company if I could rightly claim back my private fees through the Health Ombudsman... a service I once thought was for the patient's benefit... ❓

Plus, if they had listened to me on the phone when I called them about my case, they would have known I HAD contacted the GP surgery asking for the 'Significant Events Analysis Meeting'. Part of their reply was here and the rest and where I got told not to contact them anymore is here.

As they all but say 'You didn't write it in the correct way... so it doesn't count!' 😡


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