Sunday, 3 November 2019

No One There...

A while back I was sitting in the car listening to the radio when an advert started, it was from the Metropolitan Police saying "If you are ever the victim of a car theft or break in then you can report it online"

I double checked with my husband what they had said.

"So they seriously think it's acceptable to have someone break in your house, steal your items and then you email them?!"

What happened to times when a local police officer came round ASAP, looked for finger prints if they thought it would help and seemingly tried to get a resolution on the case. Find the culprit and prosecute them.

Now you may have even seen the person who you think may have been involved, know some of their details of where they were going (with YOUR stolen items) yet you email them instead?!

I can only imagine how awful and neglected you feel as you don't even have a police officer listening - someone you feel 'may' be able to do something about it. Get your items back, some justice and stop them doing the same to others in the future...

Yet now, for whatever reason, it seems like they don't care. 
The people you thought would help 
don't do more than take your details.

But imagine you have details of the burglar, they spoke to you beforehand. You had trusted them to do a job at your house. You told them your concerns about the valuable items you had, you had even written it down to clarify it. While there they said things that showed they realised how valuable your items were but they said they had secured them.  That on a later occasion you even saw them carrying items from your house to their car, not knowing what they were...

But when you tell this to the police and they question the burglar, and give you their response - that they never said these words, that you were fine with them taking the items, that the incidents you and a friend both saw and heard didn't happen.

Then to make it worse, as they are a respected member of the community their word is taken over yours. How can you prove what you said and what they told you? You know they said things that would clearly incriminate them, but no one is listening.


They even lied about some things you know they didn't do or say but you have no proof.


Why would you video a conversation you had before you knew there was a problem?

You report it to the police and while they take your information, you get no support. No help in writing up your side of the story or checking they have details they need, you have to find your own witnesses, no help from a lawyer, nothing. But you still produce all the evidence you can find. Adding why you feel they are saying what they are now, and not what they did. Saying that you struggled for months after this incident, replaying it in your mind, knowing how much their actions hurt you. What they stole. How much you lost. You are still in shock from the incident, others have agreed their actions hurt you physically and emotionally, the lies just rubbing salt in the wounds.

Then, eventually, your case comes to court, and you have every hope that any judge who reads your info will do it justice. You don't want them locked up, just held accountable for what they did. Say sorry to you in person. Pay you back for what they stole and the direct expense you encountered from their actions. Maybe a contribution to your struggle and tears. But more importantly, to be fully held accountable, so it won't happen to anyone else.

You have faith that the 'truth will out' but after you give your evidence, your case is held in secret. 

You were alone, yet they had friends, family and support of others as they are a respected person. They also have both experience in knowing what to say and a legal team to advise them. Plus they are able to respond to each of your concerns and get the final say on what happened. You were never allowed to question them or hear any of what was said.

So after all this you get told that a small one of their actions was wrong...
... they shouldn't have shut the door in your face after they stole from you! 

But everything else they did was acceptable as they 'didn't mean to', and they are normally a respectable and helpful citizen. 

They didn't think the items they stole were yours or would hurt you. Their lies were believed (after all you cannot prove otherwise) and so they were just told to get their boss to say sorry.

Their boss can't even be bothered to sign the letter he supposedly wrote.

You feel sick, angry, upset, disgusted, violated, hurt 
and completely worthless. 
Your word was nothing. 

You are nothing and they don't care. 
No one cares.

But you still believe it was an accident on the judges part. Maybe you didn't explain it correctly? So you spend weeks writing your points again for an appeal, explaining how it happened. It takes months for a second secret hearing. 11 months in fact.

When you do finally get a reply they tell you that they haven't even read it as you didn't supply new evidence. But you did. YOUR evidence. It doesn't count.

Then you realise that they took so long with the case it is beyond the time limit for a private prosecution (even if you had the money.) You feel disgusted, unfairly treated and so angry. You know they are continuing working and none of their other customers know they steal... 

... That's how it is dealing with the Health Ombudsman. 

A total farce.


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